Enzyme Basics

Enzyme Basics | Pan-tenex 10x Pancreatic Enzymes For DogsWhen purchasing any supplement for your pet, it is important to choose products that are professionally managed & manufactured by real firms that have the industry experience necessary to ensure your pet is receiving a quality product.

For the purpose of digestive enzymes for dogs, there are 3 main enzymes that play a prominent role; Amylase (breaks down carbohydrates), Lipase (breaks down fat) & Protease (breaks down protein).

A 10x potency of these 3 enzymes (like is present in Pan-tenex®) is the most effective in supporting proper digestion in dogs.

Generic 6x and 8x enzymes being offered by other firms, are not of the correct strength required by many EPI dogs. Online canine EPI forums that discuss exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in dogs are filled with stories of dogs experiencing frequent relapses of diarrhea, SIBO and other early EPI symptoms because these 6x and 8x products are not of the correct potency to fully optimize digestion in EPI prone dogs.

Why do some 6x and 8x generic enzymes have questionable looking labels and packaging?  Ask yourself; Under what conditions are these products being made and packaged?  Are they truly a professional organization with actual industry experience behind their product?

You no longer have to settle for inferior 6x or 8x generic enzymes, especially when your dog will likely respond better to a higher enzyme potency which is not available in these lesser products.

A 10x potency pancreatic enzyme (as found in Pan-tenex®) with a min two-year shelf life will list the following minimum enzyme levels:

Amylase: 460,000 USP Units | Protease: 388,000 USP Units | Lipase: 71,000 USP Units

Again, these are the minimum enzymes that are present in a 10x product after a min two-year shelf life and represent the minimum enzyme levels needed for proper digestion in EPI pets.  A 6x or 8x generic enzyme simply is not potent enough to have these same enzyme levels present at the end of the shelf life.

Pan-tenex® is both 10x high-potency and more affordable than any 6x or 8x product on the market.  Most 6x and 8x products require a dose of at least 1 teaspoon per cup of food.  Pan-tenex® 10x dosing is per meal and many of our clients find they can use as little as 1/2 teaspoon per up to 2.5 cups of food.  This alone represents a cost savings that simply cannot be matched by lesser 6x and 8x products.

Pan-tenex® is also Acetone-Free.  Some enzyme supplements may contain a fowl or pungent odor.  This is because the enzymes in their product may have been manufactured using Acetone during the extraction process.  Not only can this odor be offensive, but many pets do not accept the product once it is mixed into their food. 

Pan-tenex® is also Granular and Dust-Free.  This prevents the product from becoming excessively air-borne upon removing it from the container.  This can be a major inconvenience experienced with lesser 6x and 8x products.

Pan-tenex® is both manufactured and packaged in GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant facilities.  Only products that are manufactured under GMPs can provide the highest quality expected by pet owners.  Further, enzyme levels in every batch of Pan-tenex® manufactured are verified by Independent Laboratory Testing.  Only the highest-quality, food-grade enzymes are used in the production of Pan-tenex®.

We have decades of experience in product development utilizing enzymes.  Throughout the years, we have developed direct & long-standing relationships with World-Class manufacturers who produce their enzymes under the highest quality standards available.

Pan-tenex® contains only the best, highest-potency, digestive enzymes for dogs and we verify this in every batch manufactured.