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“My GSD Penny is 3 years old. Back in the Spring, she began to have constant loose cowpie stools that were yellow in color, along with frequent gas and she just didn’t act like herself. Penny lost almost 20 pounds in just about three months. After many trips to the vet with no solution, a family member happened to stumble upon EPI online. I immediately knew this was what Penny had, and set up the appointment for the test. She tested positive and the search for the right enzymes started. In my research, I started with a popular EPI forum on the internet. They all recommended a generic brand of 6X and 8X enzymes. I was just about to pull the trigger on that enzyme, but something stood out to me. All of the people who were using those enzymes reported that they all had setbacks along the way. “It’s a struggle” and “It’s a process” were all things they were saying. I thought to myself, if this product was so good, why were so many of them having inconsistent results and setbacks? Then I found Pan-tenex. I emailed them and they were very helpful and courteous. After speaking with them and reading the testimonials, I purchased my first jar of Pan-tenex. Penny and I have never looked back! I immediately saw a difference in her stools. After a couple days, Penny was back to her old self! We have had zero setbacks or bad days since we started on the product four months ago, and she has gained all of her weight back. The people at Pan-tenex are always so helpful and eager to answer my questions as well. I will always be grateful to them for saving my baby!!”



“Bella is one of our rescued English Bulldogs. She began having diarrhea, lethargy and weight loss in the winter of 2016. She lost approximately 15lbs, and ultimately was quite underweight. She was worked up for parasites, food intolerance/allergies, and even thought to possibly be “overfed.” Finally, a simple test proved Bella to have exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI). We started her on enzymes that were provided by our vet, with only modest improvement, and at a hefty price. I began doing my own research and discovered Pan-tenex enzymes. I now combine Pantenex with probiotic and B-12 with intrinsic factor, and Bella is as good as new!  Actually better than new…absolutely no loose stools/diarrhea and her weight is back to normal. Her coat is now even better than before she was ill.  I can’t explain why, even Bella’s flank alopecia has filled in after being on Pan-tenex. Alopecia is very common in bulldogs, and just something you “get used to,” but no more.  I am very grateful to have found this product! Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to comment. I have shared our experience with other members of our rescue, Kansas City English Bulldog Rescue.”





“Camilla lost around 25 pounds in a matter of months. Every test was being done and then finally they found the problem! Her pancreas could not produce enzymes, she had EPI. The vet recommended for us to use Pan-tenex and it has worked! She has gained 12 pounds since September. She still has some more weight to gain, but if it were not for Pan-tenex she would not be with me right now. Thank you!!”




“My dogs name is Cal. He was diagnosed with EPI in December of 2016. He has always been a picky eater, but got much worse when the generic enzymes were added. I finally tried Pan-tenex, and everything has gotten much better! He’s eating, has solid poop, and it’s super easy to use. Thank you!”

Leigh Ann


Daisy – 16 Month Update

“It’s been over a year now that we have had Daisy on Pan-tenex after trying many other enzyme products. The results were immediate for Daisy on Pan-tenex and she has grown into a well sized female German Shepherd. My dog was dying and my vet gave me medicine that worked for Daisy, but the price was not sustainable for me. Do your homework on quality & price and you will find that Pan-tenex is the best product by far. I buy the 4 pack personally to save $30 each time we reorder.”



“Ava has struggled with a sensitive stomach since we got her at 10 weeks. She didn’t like the taste of most food or the others made her sick to her stomach. At her 16 weeks at a check-up she was 10 lbs underweight and still not sleeping through the night because her stomach hurt so bad. The vet talked to us about EPI and at 6 months we ordered Pan-tenex. Since then, Ava has gained 15 lbs now and even sleeps through the night. Thanks Pan-tenex!”

Holly and Ty




“Sophia after 1 year with PAN-TENEX. Her health has improved dramatically and she’s a very happy dog. She has an excellent appetite and has regained all the weight she originally lost. This product was a miracle and I will recommend this to all pet owners who are dealing with EPI.”


Kiva (2 Year Update)

“Kiva became part of the family about 8 months ago when we adopted her from a rescue organization. You can see from her original picture what bad shape she was in. She spent many months on the street trying to survive on her own with EPI, and not doing very well. She was nursed back to health by her wonderful foster Mom, Lee using Pan-tenex. We have continued using Pan-tenex since she joined our family and she is thriving! She waits near the front door as soon as she sees we are up and we walk every day. She plays with my other dog and is enthusiastic about life. Pan-tenex helps her live a normal, healthy life filled with love and affection which she returns to us in spades.”



“My GSD named Mowgli was diagnosed when he was 9 months old. We were prescribed very pricey enzymes and we thought to ourselves; how can people possibly afford this! That’s when we found Pan-tenex! It has literally saved us and our beautiful boy Mowgli! He’s thriving and I definitely give a lot of his success to Pan-tenex! We couldn’t be happier with the switch and neither could Mowgli! I definitely recommend Pan-tenex! Not only are they super speedy, but they delivered our enzymes quickly before Hurricane Irma arrived. I’ll be forever grateful! Thanks Pan-tenex!”





“I’ve used two different brands of enzymes and Pan-tenex is by far the best and the most reasonably priced. Our lovely dog Crosby is finally starting to gain some weight and keep it on. Thank you Pan-tenex!”





“About a year ago my dog began to have gastrointestinal issues. I changed him to a grain free diet which seemed to fix the issue at first. He had lost some weight at this time. We went to the vet and he had dropped from 75 to 63 pounds. We were told he had elevated liver enzymes. Over the next several months my dog continually had belly issues, runny and cow pie poos. We were able to see his ribs, spine, and hips by July. We went to another vet and he was a mere 51 pounds. I had done some research and read about EPI. The new vet immediately tested for it. We anxiously waited for the results and they came back positive. The first round of enzymes were from the vet and he urged us to look for more affordable options. I did research and found that Pan-tenex guarantees the levels and they were equivalent to those in the Rx version we were using. We are happy to have him stable and it’s gone without a hitch! He was diagnosed in July and here we are in December with a stable, happy boy! We just weighed in at 70 pounds at the vet the other day and he hasn’t had cow patty poo or runny poos since his treatment started. Pan-tenex was as smooth a transition as we could have hoped for!”





“Trooper was diagnosed at age 6 with EPI. Thought it affected them at a younger age so didn’t think at his age it would be EPI. Except for the weight loss he didn’t have any other symptoms. He’s always had a strong appetite and his stools were normal. Once tested, his EPI was confirmed. Started him right away on Rx enzymes, but I knew that in the long run the price was going to be a problem. I researched and found a few alternatives but luckily a friend sent me a link to Pan-tenex. Trooper is now on his second jar and doing great! Not only is it affordable but it also works. Thanks Pan-tenex!!”





“Pan-tenex is literally a life saver, Riley and I thank you ever so much!!”



“On around October 2016, Speedy started losing weight while simultaneously eating more than was required. His stool was frequently yellowish with undigested foods and this situation persisted for about 3 months until we decided to seek medical help through his Veterinarian. They recommended a 30 day supply of Dog’s Pepto Bismol which had no improvement as Speedy’s weight dropped from 110 to 78 Lbs. With further testing, he was diagnosed with EPI exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and was prescribed medication that was expensive and ineffective as his symptoms persisted. I decided to conduct research and found Pan-tenex with good happy customers with reviews and ordered it. The product has worked like magic and is both cheaper and effective. All symptoms have ceased as Speedy continues to regain lost weight and is currently back to his usual weight of 111 lbs. We are extremely grateful for having this product and speedy is now leading a normal, steady life. We highly recommend this product PAN-TENEX and it is affordable.”



“At eight months old, Ziggy has withered away to just bones and fur. He only slept or was carried. He would blankly stare into nothing draped over my arms. I would often cry watching my baby slowly die before my eyes. No one could figure out what was wrong with him. During Christmas time, my dad did some research and found Pan-tenex. Within less than a month, I had a brand new puppy. Ziggy is now a little over one year old and has more energy than one can imagine. He’s playful, spunky, and so precious. Pan-tenex has saved Ziggy’s life. I still have a puppy thanks to you guys!”




“My Enzo!! Before and in progress thanks to Pan-tenex!!

I am a volunteer/foster with a Rescue in Douglasville, GA. Enzo was turned-in to a “rescue” in Alabama. His Petfinder pics were gorgeous and his Bio said he gets along well with small dogs and cats. So great, I thought Enzo was just what I’m looking for to befriend my female GSD and he would fit right into my home.

So off we go on a ride with a friend to pick up Enzo from his owner. When this dog came out of her van we were shocked! Skin stretched over his bones. Her answer was; “he was always thin.” THIN?? I could not possibly allow this magnificent creature to go back with this Woman. I took Enzo to my vet next day and he weighed 61 pounds – worse than I even thought! My vet does some tests and advises me to put him to sleep. Of course, this is unacceptable. I then contact our rescue’s founder Irina and she arranged for him to see a specialist. $1,000.00 later, we had a diagnosis of EPI.

Pan-tenex started helping Enzo from the very first dose and he had normal poop in just a few days. Enzo has gained 27 pounds over the last few weeks and now weighs 92 pounds! Vet says that’s good and I should slowly cut back on his food now to keep him close to this weight! Yay! Enzo is such a great addition to my pack! We all love him. No one even minds waiting until his food is ready to get theirs. It is our routine now and it’s working! So happy with this product! Thank you!”




“Thanks to Pan-tenex my girl is doing well again! Sansa is a 5 year old EPI dog. She had a super horrible bout of gastritis in March resulting in the loss of 5 pounds that I haven’t been able to put back on her until now! After being on Pan-tenex enzymes for 3 weeks, Sansa has put back on the 5 pounds lost and has successfully transitioned to a fresh raw diet from a freeze dried raw diet! Thanks Pan-tenex, for an amazing product!”



“Kiah is a black lab. She started losing weight and her stools were very bad. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with EPI. The veterinarian consulted with the veterinarian department at Texas A&M and they gave her very expensive enzymes that I could not afford. Kiah was really losing weight and had horrible stools that made a mess in the backyard and sometimes in the house. She would wake me up at least one or two times in the middle of the night because she had to go outside. A year ago I decided to look online. I ran across this site for Pan-tenex and it was affordable so I gave it a shot. Kiah immediately made improvements and has gained weight almost to the point now where I probably need to put her on a diet. Sometimes I run out before re-ordering more and she goes back to having very runny stools. Very thankful that I found this product and I’m sure Kiah is even happier than I am!”



“A few months ago our beloved Unole became very sick with rapid weight loss. After expensive testing she was diagnosed with EPI. We were looking at losing our family member, as we couldn’t afford the enzyme powder the Vet had prescribed. My husband did some research and we found Pan-tenex. He spoke to the representative and we ordered it. After a few days Unole had gained five pounds being on Pan-tenex. After a couple of weeks Unole went from fifty two pounds to seventy pounds as of May 19,2017. With a proper diet and Pan-tenex she is on her way to a healthy life. We are forever grateful to the makers of Pan-tenex and will be lifelong customers.”

Linda, Devin and Unole



“Thanks to Pan-tenex our female Shepherd named Mya is on her way to gaining her weight back!  Would highly recommend this product!!”



“Our dog Rascal, a Norweigan elk hound German Shepherd mix is 4 years old.  Rascal has been on pancreatic enzymes for approximately 3 years.  Before we found Pan-tenex,  we were paying double the price and it was very hard for us to afford it.  Pan-tenex works just as well as the enzymes we purchased from the vet and at half the price!  Thank you for making it easier to maintain our dogs health and well-being.”




“Pan-tenex is a life saver, and I mean that literally. They sell a product that is affordable and high quality. My german shepherd, Zarah, will be able to live a long and happy life.  After using two other enzyme replacements, with no success, I was beginning to lose hope. When I finally found Pan-tenex, I was relieved. Knowing I would have my best friend with me for a long time was the best gift I have ever received. Thanks Pan-tenex for saving Zarah’s life.”

Joey and Zarah




“Eva is a 7 year old German Shepherd.  After only being on Pan-tenex for a few weeks, we’ve noticed an increase in energy and some significant weight being added to our girl.  Very thankful for the positive outcome since starting Pan-tenex!”



“Sonny is my 11 year old labrador.  After a month of diarrhea and not finding anything in all the lab work performed he lost over 10 pounds of weight.  We finally did one more blood test for food absorption and bingo there it was.  Sonny had EPI.  He had no pancreatic enzymes, so I started him on Pan-tenex and after 3 doses he had made a complete turn around.  His stool is now back to normal and has put weight back on.”




“Ana has been on Pan-tenex enzymes for two years now. Before Pan-tenex, Ana was lethargic, gassy with unpredictable smelly stools & her coat was dry & brittle.  Now since she has been on Pan-tenex, Ana is full of energy & her coat is full & beautiful again. Also Ana is once again able to compete in Agility & obedience which she loves to do!”



Nero – 8 Month Update

“Nero is our two-year-old Pitbull that I adopted and bottled fed since the age of 3 weeks old.  Six months ago he was diagnosed with EPI, losing over 20% of his body weight.  We have been using Pan-tenex ever since and look at him now!  Nero has managed to put all his weight back on without any complications.  My veterinarian was so impressed, that he put this product on his website.  I highly recommend any pet owner who’s put in this position with Canine EPI to use Pan-tenex.  Once again, my sincerest thanks to the representatives of this company.  They have been of great support to us!”






“Thank you for making Pan-tenex affordable for my dog Chloe!!! She was so sick and only weighed 80 lbs when we brought her in to be put down. However, the vet said to wait as they thought it might be EPI and it was! The first enzymes the vet gave us were simply too expensive for us to keep Chloe healthy. We then found Pan-tenex and she has been healthy ever since. Pan-tenex has saved her life and Chloe is now 102 lbs!!!”



“My Mia girl suddenly lost 10lbs. This was over 1/3rd of her weight and thought I would lose my best friend. I spent forever researching and tons of money getting tests done with no results. I happened to stumble across some EPI information and as a last resort I purchased Pan-tenex. I figured if it didn’t work I was going to lose her either way, but to my surprise it worked! Pan-tenex didn’t just work it was a miracle! She has gained back all of her weight and is one happy go lucky dog again. I took her to the vet to get her tested and it was confirmed as being EPI. I now have the option to switch to a prescription but I’m not going anywhere. Pan-tenex saved my girl’s life so I am a loyal customer!”



“Dear Pan-tenex, I rate this product a high 5 STARs!!!! My 7 year old rescue male German Shepherd, Bravo, started having yellow liquid eliminations after every meal, and although he was eating six cups of food a day he went from 86 pounds when we got him to 61 pounds when he was finally diagnosed with EPI by the 3rd vet I went to searching for the reason. That vet told me to go on line and buy only one brand, the highly expensive one I used for 3 months. It did work, but I could not continue the high cost. I switched to Pan-tenex on my own, and Bravo has continued to gain weight and is now back to his perfect weight! I am so thankful that I could find your product for so much less money… and IT WORKS just as well! We will be on Pan-tenex for the rest of his life.

I am sending a close up of my boy, because the most amazing transformation to me is that his eyes are now so much rounder. When he was losing weight, I noticed that his eyes were stretching against his skull, and taking on an elongated shape. His head was also shrinking as the flesh just melted away. He is now back to the dog I adopted from the GSD rescue two years ago, and I can look into his eyes and see a brightness and joy again! Thank you, thank you!”

Sandra – “Happy owner of really happy Bravo!”


“This is our beautiful Gypsy. At about 18 months old she became ravenously hungry, had runny stools several times a day, and lost 10 pounds in a very short time. She was wasting away in front of our eyes. Prior to that she had been the picture of health. After several vet visits, special food, antibiotics, blood work, and misdiagnoses, we finally learned that she has EPI. The vet’s medication was prohibitively expensive, so I started looking for alternatives. That’s when I found Pan-tenex. This product works for us, and it won’t break the bank. Our beautiful girl is now healthy and happy and about to celebrate her second birthday. Thanks so much, Pan-tenex!”



“This is our German Shepherd, Skye. She is 8 years old and came over from Scotland with my wife. Skye has EPI and my Wife fought for years to keep weight on her. I did some research according to her symptoms and was able to get her fresh pork pancreas for a while and that helped her but then the supply stopped. We were giving her a pill form supplement after that but she lost her weight again among her other problems returning. I finally found Pan-tenex and she is on her second container. This product has been wonderful for her. We feed her the amount directed and she has put her weight back on and all her other symptoms have improved. We are very happy to have found Pan-tenex.”



“We had been using a 6x potency enzyme for our GSD Nanuk since he was diagnosed with EPI over three years ago.  After a while, I didn’t feel the 6x powder was doing much to help Nanuk, so I decided to look into other options and came across Pan-tenex.  Since then, with the stronger 10x potency in Pan-tenex, he has put on more weight, his stools are a lot better, and we get more product compared to the other brand.  Thanks again!”




“My Scottish terrier “Ralph” was diagnosed with EPI last year after months of chronic diarrhea and weight loss.  I started treating him with Creon since it was the only product found in Uruguay, where I live.  He started gaining weight very slowly (from 5.25 kg to 6.00 kg) but still had some diarrhea episodes.  After doing some research on the internet I found Pan-tenex and decided to give it a try, not only because it was a product made exclusively for dogs but also because it was more economical.  The results were amazing!! He returned to his normal weight (7 kg) after only a month of treatment and never presented diarrhea again.  I strongly recommend this product.”




“Melvin was diagnosed with EPI this past summer and he was on another enzyme which was just too expensive at about $150.00 per month as he required 1.5 tsps.  So I started to do some research to see if I could find another alternative and came across Pan-tenex.  I started Melvin just before Christmas and he gained 4 lbs in a couple weeks and is now at an ideal weight of 45 lbs.  And the best thing its only costing me $60.00 a month.  I passed this information on to my vet and he is going to start recommending Pan-tenex to his other patients!”





“Prior to Suki’s EPI diagnosis she was hungry all the time even ripping through garbage to eat paper and other refuse.  She kept losing weight in spite of frequent feedings.  The Veterinarian diagnosed Suki with EPI in Feb, 2016 and at that time Suki weighed only 54 lbs.  The Veterinarian suggested we try Pan-tenex.  Suki started gaining all her weight back and is now 73 lbs! I mistakenly tried switching her to another product that I bought at a local pet store and Suki started ripping through garbage, eating tissue and was always hungry.  I quickly switched back to Pan-tenex which solved the problem immediately.  Thank you!”





Chesney – 1 Year Update

“Chesney has been on Pan-tenex over a year now and we couldn’t have asked for a better product or nicer people to deal with.  If it wasn’t for Pan-tenex we would not have been able to afford Chesney’s EPI treatment compared to the meds our Vet wanted us to purchase.  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  Everyone who is dealing with canine EPI should please try Pan-tenex & inform your vet about this product.”



“Our 85 lb golden retriever mix, Judge, started to lose weight although he was eating his meals regularly.  His stools were runny, yellowish in color and full of undigested food.  He was also losing hair and had scabs all over his body from scratching.  After being taken to the vet we were told he tested positive for Lyme disease and he was then put on a 30 day medication regimen.  The vet did bloodwork and it was determined that my dog had high cholesterol, but low in Lipase, Albumin to Globulin ratio, blood urea nitrogen and Albumin.  He was also anemic.  The vet told us that a lot of these issues were probably the result of malnutrition.  He continued to lose weight and hair but the vet wanted to wait until he was through with his medication for the Lyme before tackling the weight/hair loss.  He also told us the runny stool and loss of appetite could be due to the medication which made no sense to us because our dog did not lack an appetite; in fact, he was eating like he was starving every time we gave him food.  My husband started to do his own research on the symptoms Judge was exhibiting and found that all of his symptoms seemed to point to EPI.  We then looked into the various digestive enzymes available and came upon Pan-tenex.  We read the ingredients, did research on each of them and decided to give it a try.  My dog at this point was down to 54 lbs from 85 lbs!  He was weak and under nourished although he ate 2 times a day.  The first thing we noticed after just 2 days on the Pan-tenex was a change in the consistency and color of his stool.  There was no undigested food to be seen.  Within about a week and a half, his stool was solid and he put on about 6 pounds.  His eyes looked brighter and he was more energetic.  After one container of Pan-Tenex he is now 80 lbs, his hair has grown back and his skin has cleared up.  I fully support this product as I have seen it work and I will continue to use it.  Thank you Pan-tenex, your product has saved our dog!!!”



“Over a year ago Darcy started having chronic diarrhea.  My vet at the time believed he had pancreatitis and we treated him with traditional veterinary medicine.  He would get better but then relapse.  Many trips to the vet, lots of prescriptions, diet changes, stress, financial burden, and my poor little guy just kept feeling terrible.  I switched vets hoping to find a different path for him.  She was uncertain he truly had pancreatitis and we tried some more holistic approaches.  We tried a couple of different enzymes along with supplements, more diet changes, but still no results that stuck.  Another vet at the clinic did some research and found Pan-tenex and recommended we give it a try.  Within a week, his diarrhea stopped, which had happened before, but he also enjoyed his food more unlike with the other enzymes made him very picky.  Now, two months later, he has been diarrhea-free and just seems to feel better overall.  A very limited diet and Pan-tenex seems to be doing the trick and we are hopeful that it will continue.  I have been so worried about him, watching him continue to get sicker and sicker, believing he may not be around much longer.  But I have hope now that he will continue to improve and be around for a long time. Thank you!”

Mary Ann



“Thank you so much for your amazing product!  I was using a more expensive product from another company and was truly astounded to find a similar high-quality product that truly helps our precious dog.  Kayla is such an important part of our lives and before her diagnosis we were so afraid of losing her without discovering her ailment.  Now that we trust Pan-tenex we are happy to say that Kayla will continue to have a wonderful and happy life.  Thank you Pan-tenex!”


Emilia – 11 Month Update

“Emilia has been using Pan-tenex for over 11 months and was first diagnosed with EPI over a year ago at 5 months old.  I was desperate to find an affordable product that treated EPI. I tried both 6x and 8x products claiming to be of quality and high potency, but Emilia struggled to gain weight on these products.  She continued to have loose stools several times a day.  So I continued to search for a higher quality product that was still affordable and I thankfully found Pan-tenex.  Emilia has gone from 36 lbs to 65 lbs with two (unrelated) surgeries during this time, which would have caused any dog to lose a lot of weight.  Emilia not only maintained her weight, but recovered quickly and has never been healthier since she has been on the Pan-tenex!  Her stools are also regulated with normal size, frequency and consistency.  I feel that Pan-tenex has made a very noticeable difference in her overall health.  Pan-tenex is a high quality product at an affordable price!”

Kim, Emilia, & the Pack



“In my opinion only two things matter when choosing the correct pancreatic enzyme product for your EPI dog.  The most important thing is does it work?  At first, I purchased an expensive product from my Vet that worked well for Daisy, but not for my wallet.  Which brings me to the second most important thing, can you afford it?  What good is an EPI product if you cannot afford it correct?  Daisy is only 20 months old, and I realized I could not sustain the high cost of her medicine from the Vet for 8-10 more years.  That’s when after extensive research and searching, I found Pan-tenex.  It meets both my requirements, it works extremely well and it is sustainable for my wallet.  This is the highest strength product for the best price.  My Daisy gained 15 pounds in the first month she was on this product!  Thank you!”





“Lily is our 3 yr old Golden Doodle and had it not been for Pan-tenex we would have lost her!  It took over a year to find a vet who would finally diagnose her with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency).  Basically anything she ate went straight through her, by the time they  figured it out she was literally a walking skeleton.  She was starving to death, started eating her own poop, was listless and if we tried to walk her she would just lay down because she had no energy.  Pan-tenex arrived within 3 days just like they promised and by Sunday the diarrhea was gone and we noticed an immediate improvement in her overall energy level.  Now she has a bounce back in her step when walking and can go the distance.  For us, Pan-tenex has saved Lily’s life!”



“I was desperate to find answers for why my girl Hazel was losing so much weight!  The vet was running out of tests, and against my better judgement sought out help from the depths of the internet.  Through Facebook and the German Shepherd dog community we came to the conclusion that she was suffering from EPI.  Tests confirmed the diagnosis.  And also through the plea for help someone had suggested that I look into Pan-tenex rather than using the medication from the Vet.  Again, being skeptical of strangers on the internet I took a good hard look into Pan-tenex and the reviews here and other sources before signing up.  And I have to say I am tremendously glad I did!!  As you can see from the before and after pictures of Hazel, she was really in trouble with her weight.  Pan-tenex has turned this whole thing around!!  She used to refuse to eat knowing it would make her sick, but now she sits impatiently waiting for me to put that bowl of food down for her!  Thank you Pan-tenex, you have a customer for life!”





“THANK YOU PAN-TENEX!!!  Our dog Ellie has never looked better.  Within the first week of using Pan-tenex we could already see an improvement in our sweet furbaby.  She has regained the weight and she’s as happy as she can be.  We are so thankful we found Pan-tenex.  It has saved our girl and saved us hundreds at the vet!”



“Pan-tenex saved my Dad’s dog Liberty! My dad had surgery and I went out to help him. While there, I took care of Liberty. She was not doing well and I noticed that something was very wrong with her. She was very skinny and in bad shape. She was seen by a vet and everything was ruled out through tests. The vet said she could have an issue digesting her food which made sense. I researched symptoms that she was having and realized that she was suffering from EPI. She had all of the symptoms and she is a German Shepard. The vet agreed with me. I researched different products and found your website. I ordered the product. After over 6 months of being on the product Liberty gained all of her weight back! She is a healthy and happy dog again! What an amazing blessing! Thank you!”

Dawn & Thomas


“Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. Our much beloved Fergus was diagnosed with EPI. The vet had prescribed a plant based enzyme that was not working. After 4 months and seeing Fergus gain only 1 pound I switched to Pan-tenex. I can’t believe how quickly he started gaining weight. After only six weeks he is almost at his normal weight. Pan-tenex has definitely been a life saver for Fergus.”



“My German Shepherd, Max, was in bad shape about a month ago. He was extremely underweight, lethargic, cranky and frankly, I thought we were going to lose him.  We took him to our vet where she put him on antibiotics along with other meds and she was certain he had EPI.  We brought him home where I tried a few different enzyme products without success.  I was thinking we were going to have to put our beautiful Max down because we didn’t want him to suffer and we were watching him starve – literally starve – to death.  When I came across the Pan-tenex website I was skeptical at first because I had read similar promises from other products – BUT I am so glad I gave it a try!  Pan-tenex has saved our German Shepherd’s life and we couldn’t be more grateful!!  This product is a miracle!  It is just a few weeks after I ordered your product and our dog has steadily gained weight, has regained his energy, stopped eating his own poop, is so happy and fun-loving.  He now greets people with a wagging tail instead of a nasty growl, and seems so much more relaxed in general.  He is a COMPLETELY different dog – the one we knew in the first place.  Thank you Pan-tenex!”






“Our dog Banter has been using enzymes for years now.  However, Pan-tenex is best product we have purchased so far.  Plus it is offered at the best price.  We are very happy to have found Pan-tenex!”




“My German Shepherd (Zero) became very ill and my wife and I couldn’t figure out why.  He lost almost 20lbs in one month and was skin and bones.  He was diagnosed with EPI and the Vet recommended other powdered products that were much more expensive.  I did my research and stumbled across Pan-tenex.  It was less expensive and had a solid website that sold me on their product.  I took a leap of faith, and it saved my doggie best friends life.  Because of the 10x product potency, we only need a teaspoon at a time, which is half of what the vet suggested.  Zero now has healthy/solid poops and has gained 10 pounds back in a month WITHOUT having to change his food (Taste of the wild boar, 14% fat).  The vet is amazed and my family is most grateful for this wonderful product.”




“My Boston Terrier Mix has EPI.  Pan-tenex has saved Georgie’s life and has cured his constant diarrhea.  Our vet said he usually sees EPI in German Shepherds, but this was a first for him.  I can’t tell you enough how Pan-tenex saves dog’s lives.  We are a customer for Life!”




“You saved my dog Jazzy’s life, because I could not afford the $150 a week for the same product from my vet.  When I found Pan-tenex it was amazing!  It worked right away and the cost is very affordable.  It was a lifesaver for both of us.  Thank you so much!!”





“I love Pan-tenex!!!  It has saved my dog Hunter’s life!!!  It is the same thing I was getting from my veterinarian, but only 1/3 of the price!  We’ve been using this product going on 6 months now and it’s made such a difference in our fur baby!”



gemma“This is my baby girl Gemma. She is my everything seeing as I am unable to have babies of my own. When Gemma was six months old I started to notice her loose stools and food aggressive behavior. I became fearful and tried everything from pumpkin to raw diets and even NO FOOD for days to clean out her system (this is what her vet recommended) and nothing I did was working. She became fragile and skinny and even having seizures. Friends and family were telling me that I was selfish for keeping her alive because she was suffering, but I just knew in my heart there had to be an answer. She was my baby and I was not about to throw in the towel and have her put down. I stayed up all night searching for answers and I read about EPI and it just clicked – that’s it! I took this information to her vet where he told me I was crazy and to just let her go. I cried and cried for days. Not to mention I had just lost my job, so how was I to care for her? A few days later a wonderful lady donated some enzymes to me to try and they seemed to work at first. She was gaining some weight and more active, but still very food aggressive and always eating the most random things. These other enzymes were also out of my price range and I was only buying sample packs that lasted a few days just to get by. Then I found Pan-tenex! I read through their website and knew we had to give this a shot. I must say this was the best purchase I have ever made! Gemma has gained about 20 pounds in the last month, is no longer food aggressive and she sleeps through the night without waking up five times to go potty. Thank you so much for saving my baby’s life!!!”





“I took my dog Casey to a lot of vets and they all told me to put her down because the enzymes she needed for EPI were simply too expensive. I couldn’t do it so my son Kevin went on-line and found Pan-tenex which has absolutely saved her life. Casey is now happy and healthy and we can’t thank you enough! I can’t stand to think if we had not found Pan-tenex and had to put our Casey down. She is so much better now.”

Wanda and Kevin


“Our Pit Bull Jemma has had EPI for 4 years now.  It was very rough in the beginning and we almost had to put her down when she went from 65 pounds down to a low of 25 pounds.  We finally got her stabilized and had been using a generic 8x enzyme, but something still wasn’t right.  We and our veterinarian felt Jemma should be doing better and we decided to search for a stronger enzyme product.  That is when we found Pan-tenex.  I sent an inquiry via their website and one of the company owners called me right away.  He took his time and thoroughly explained the benefits of their 10x potency product and the quality behind it.

Well, he was certainly correct.  It’s been only 6 weeks now and these enzymes are the best by far that we have tried.  Our Jemma is doing much better now using Pan-tenex.”



“Nero is an 18 month old Pit Bull that I rescued and bottle-fed till he was 4 weeks old. He was just diagnosed with EPI last month and in that time lost one-third of his body weight (about 21 pounds). I thought for sure we’d have to put him down. I spent a few thousand dollars trying to figure out what was wrong with him, until we finally found a gastro veterinarian who specialized in this disease. He definitely saved his life, but in the interim prescribed very expensive enzymes that cost approx. $180 a month.

I searched vigorously until I thankfully found Pan-tenex. I requested some information via email on their website and left my phone number. Within minutes I received a phone call from the owner of the company. He was more than informative and provided solid information on their product to share with our veterinarian. Shipping was fast and I was able to put my dog on their product right away. Nero has thrived ever since putting on almost 9 pounds in less than two weeks. I brought Nero back to the veterinarian for a follow up and he could not believe the results & encouraged me to continue using Pan-tenex. I received a phone call from the owner again over that weekend just to see how Nero was doing on their product. That in itself should demonstrate the dedication and the great product they have developed. I would personally like to thank him once again for his advice and his concerns for my dog. We greatly appreciate it! ”



“Sophia is our 5 year old German Sheppard and Pit Bull mix.  She was diagnosed with EPI 2 months ago. Before her diagnosis, she lost almost 40 lbs and was very-very sick.  She was always having diarrhea and pooping 3-5 times a day.

Ever since we put her on a special diet plus Pan-tenex enzymes she has gained over 20 lbs and her stools have hardened.  We have seen a big difference and she is now our happy dog again.  Thank you so much for your wonderful product.”






“Gigi is our 11 & 1/2 year old German Shepherd who has EPI.  She has been on Pan-tenex for several months now and is doing great with your product.”





“We adopted our dog who was rescued from the streets of Merced, CA by the San Francisco SPCA. His name is Pim.  After less than a month being with us, he lost weight and ended up being just skin and bones.  A test performed by our vet confirmed EPI.  We started him on Pan-tenex and within only a few days he was able to digest food and started gaining weight again.  Thank you!”





“It has been a month since we’ve added Pan-tenex to Ginger’s diet.  She has gained 12 pounds in this period of time and is back to her old self.

She has lots of energy and is currently exhibiting no EPI symptoms.”





“Chesney went from 65 lbs to 75 lbs and started putting weight back on right away with this product.  Thank you, you guys are awesome!  Love your company, and I thank God that I found you….life savers!”




“I have a beautiful rescue named Kiva who has Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and we were about to run out of her medicine which was too expensive to maintain.  My vet had suggested we should get something stronger than the generic enzymes we were using so I went online and did extensive research on multiple sites which were ALL quite pricey. I have been worried how we could afford to get her the proper treatment until we came across Pan-tenex.

Kiva was weighed the previous Sunday before starting Pan-tenex and she weighed 38 lbs.  When I weighed her this Sunday my goal was for 40, well she surpassed that and weighed in at 45 lbs!  She’s currently 47 and my ultimate goal for her is to reach 60 lbs. I feel that Pan-tenex is saving her life. I was worried about the future because I knew neither I or the rescue could afford all the costs until I found out about Pan-tenex – and it was a miracle!

Many thanks for offering a high quality product at an affordable price!”



testimonial2“I took Emilia in to foster from a rescue at about 3 months old. She was pooping all the time and we didn’t know if it was just that puppy behavior. She eventually started pooping blood and got very sick. She was rushed to the E.R. where it was believed she had EPI. She is a very happy dog and I knew I couldn’t give up on her. EPI has definitely been a journey. It is one of the hardest things I’ve dealt with, as there is no one to provide the answers to this condition. When I first found out that Emilia had EPI and began to research the cost that pharmaceutical companies charged for 8 oz. of enzymes (average $89),  I knew it would not be affordable for me as a foster and potential adopter (and owner of two other rescue dogs) nor would anyone want to take that on. I began to read all I could about this condition and began researching more affordable treatments when I found Pan-tenex.

I started her on the Pan-tenex on Friday evening of the 12th. There was a noticeable difference after the first three days. First, I noticed right away that the Pan-tenex had more of a pork/meat smell to it and it was not powdery or dusty at all. In the three days, I notice Emilia’s stool was a good medium brown as opposed to the darker browns I am used to seeing. I usually keep her on a low maintenance dose of the Tylosin, so I remove it some days just to see how she does. I have seen more of a consistent good medium brown color, so much so I can’t tell the difference with my other dog. Most people would think “poop talk” is crazy, but that’s a big deal in the EPI world! I’ve also noticed that the volume of stool is a lot less, which is fantastic! That alone is huge. She has also gone less frequently from an average of four-five times a day to an average of just three. I could swear she is already gaining weight as her ribs are not as prominent and I have already seen so much improvement with your product.

I can’t thank you enough for Pan-tenex, and wonder how she would have progressed had I found it sooner. I feel good about her improvement and am more confident I don’t have to worry about her losing weight again. Emilia truly has been an inspiration to me, and maybe she can inspire others.”






“Our EPI German Shepherd is named Bear and he’s been on Pan-tenex for 6 months and is doing great.  Absolutely love this product.  Same great ingredients, but much more affordable.”


“Casey came to us in April, emaciated and leaving muddy poos all over the yard.  We started her on Pan-tenex and she is a much happier girl.  She gets the enzymes with every meal (3x a day) and has gained over 5 pounds so far and her stools are a more natural shape.  Thank you for making Pan-tenex so affordable!”


“We decided to try Pan-tenex after our veterinarian suggested that we find a stronger pancreatic enzyme for our EPI German Shepherd who wasn’t responding well enough to the 6x and 8x generic enzymes we were using. After only a couple days his stools were much fuller and he seems to be doing better overall which shows the enzymes are working. The product appears professionally made which is very refreshing and it’s even more affordable compared to less potent products we were trying. We have his B12 & SIBO in check, so this was the missing component we needed. We will definitely be using this product moving forward.”


“My female boxer has been severely underweight for over a year. I took her to 3 different veterinarians . They all said they don’t know what’s wrong and charged me $350 each while saying it. She was literally wasting away. I did some online research and spoke to other Boxer owners. I came up with pancreatitis within 8 days of her using your product she was back to a very healthy weight and full of energy again. Truly Amazing!!”