The Story of Pan‑tenex™

The creator of Pan-tenex® grew up in the 1970s in Bergenfield, NJ where his family shared a great love for both dogs & cats, especially German Shepherds. 

Duke was the name of one German Shepherd in their family who he especially bonded with as a child and they were inseparable.

After about 5-6 years of age, Duke started to lose weight no matter how much food he was fed and no veterinarian in the area could explain why this was happening.

After searching relentlessly, his parents finally found a veterinarian who diagnosed Duke with having an enzyme deficiency.

In the 1970s there was no mainstream enzyme digestion supplement available for dogs.  Their veterinarian at that time could only suggest some dietary changes be made to a more natural diet and this did seem to help Duke for a time.

Unfortunately, in the absence of a proper treatment, Duke continued to decline in weight and some two years later he had to be euthanized by his family.  This was a very traumatic event for a boy not yet in his early teens, leaving a lasting impact on the young boy.

Years later, the creator of Pan-tenex® would graduate college and eventually begin his career in the Pharmaceutical & Pet Nutrition Industries where he specialized in sourcing & supplying raw materials (which included enzymes) to various firms for their manufacturing needs.

In 2005, he started his own firm specializing in the sourcing & distribution of raw materials to various pharmaceutical & pet supplement manufacturers.  During this period he became a major supplier in the U.S. of various enzymes used in both human nutrition & pet focused supplements.

Fast forward to 2014, remembering his childhood friend Duke, he realized that his many years of product development experience (with enzymes in particular) could foster the creation of a superior & affordable digestion supplement for dogs.

This is how Pan-tenex® was born!

Duke circa early 1970s