Is your EPI dog truly stable using Pancreatin 6x or 8x?

Pan-tenex™ Enzymes For Dogs | Pancreatin 10xYour dog has tested positive for EPI and you have a plan moving forward. Or so you thought.

You’ve joined all the forums, both open & closed. You’ve purchased the Pancreatin 6x or 8x enzymes that the forums promote along with other needed products and have started treatment.

However, a few weeks go by and your dog is still making little or no progress. How can this be you ask?

If your EPI dog is still suffering from any of the below symptoms, you owe it to them to try the 10x enzyme potency found in Pan-tenex® | Enzymes For Dogs.

• Does your dog continue to have poor stools, diarrhea or other GI distress?
• Does your dog still require Tylan or another antibiotic on a regular basis?
• Does your dog still struggle with regaining lost weight?
• Does your dog still exhibit food seeking or food aggression issues?
• Does your dog still have a poor coat or other appearance issue(s)?

Continuous EPI relapse is a reality for many dog owners who unknowingly use Pancreatin 6x or 8x enzymes because they’ve been told these products are the correct potency for proper digestion in these dogs.

More & more pet owners are finding their dog can be relieved from many of these symptoms by switching them to the stronger 10x enzyme potency found in Pan-tenex®. While 6x or 8x products may work for some EPI dogs, a majority of our growing customer base is reporting that their dogs never truly became stable until they started using Pan-tenex®.

If you frequent online EPI Dog Forums, you will see endless posts from desperate pet owners that are still experiencing these symptoms in their EPI dogs whom they thought were stable using 6x or 8x enzymes. EPI relapse and the need for endless rounds of antibiotics seems to be the norm for many pet owners on these forums, but it doesn’t have to be!

Sad truth is, most EPI dog owners are just happy to see ‘small’ improvements in their dogs and never question whether their pet could actually be doing better. Few have the forethought to question why their dog is still not right, or why they need to use Tylan on a 24/7 basis. A truly stable dog does not live like this.

Contrary to what you are being told in the forums, Pancreatin 6x and 8x are not of the correct potency and were never actually designed to treat EPI in dogs. In fact, your dog could be doing much better by using the stronger, 10x enzyme potency found in Pan-tenex® | Enzymes For Dogs. Using an enzyme with lower potency can allow for undigested food to sit in the GI tract resulting in relapse of SIBO or SID and other symptoms due to unbalanced gut flora. EPI forums will never openly discuss this possibility because they act as a sales channel for the 6x and 8x enzymes being promoted on their site(s).

One all too frequent “fix-it” on the forums is to tell the pet owner to increase the dog’s enzyme dosing (again & again), to restart antibiotics or any number of other suggestions that never actually seem to work in the end. That is because a great number of these dogs do not become fully stabilized using 6x or 8x enzymes, as these products are simply not of the correct potency needed to optimize & maintain proper digestion in EPI prone dogs.

Why allow your dog to simply survive, when they can THRIVE using Pan-tenex® | Enzymes For Dogs!

Pan-tenex® is formulated with Pancreatin 10x, which is the highest potency enzymes available for dogs and is the correct potency originally developed specifically for this ailment when canine digestion products first appeared many years ago.

In fact, through our customer correspondence & testimonials, we are finding that a great number of dogs do much better when they switch to Pan-tenex® (a 10x potency) from Pancreatin 6x or 8x enzymes. It’s reported their pet’s stools quickly improve, they have less flare-ups, GI issues diminish significantly, their coats improve and they appear much healthier overall. For an example of this, please read a detailed testimonial by our long-term customer named Robbie, who’s dog Nanuk struggled to put on weight using lesser 6x enzymes until he tried Pan-tenex®. Read his story HEREKim is another long-term customer, who’s dog Emilia struggled to put on weight using lesser 6x and 8x enzymes until she tried Pan-tenex™. Read her story HERE.

Because Pan-tenex® is a much stronger product, many customers are also finding they can use less enzymes once their dog is stabilized which makes Pan-tenex® even more affordable when compared to more expensive (and less potent) 6x and 8x enzymes.

Please review our growing list of Testimonials and find out why our customers are so very passionate about Pan-tenex®.

We invite you to please try our product, as we are confident that your pet will respond well to it.

Thank you for reading our latest blog post!

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