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Our customers have come to know that the 10x enzyme potency found in Pan-tenex® is simply the best pancreatic enzyme for their dog in terms of effectiveness, quality & cost.  This 10x potency ensures that our customers will always receive a consistent product which is essential to the proper care of their dog. Episodes of EPI relapse in otherwise stable dogs can sometimes be attributed to the use of pancreatic enzymes with low, inconsistent enzyme levels which allows undigested food to sit in the GI tract resulting in unbalanced gut flora.

In previous blogs, we have discussed correct labeling practices for pancreatic enzymes and how label potency claims should be based off product shelf-life and not the potency at the time of packaging which is how some firms choose to label their enzymes against industry norms.

Under our firm’s internal SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) we test the potency of Pan-tenex® at multiple times during the production and shelf life of the product to ensure consistent quality.  In addition to our standard testing intervals, we decided to have an independent, 3rd party laboratory, test some recent production batches to demonstrate the 10x potency that is present in Pan-tenex® and then share this with our readers.

We contracted with one of the most reputable testing labs in the country, SORA Laboratories, who specialize in enzyme testing for both human and animal products. The attached Certificate of Analysis is the actual result of their laboratory analysis for Pan-tenex® Batch #170610 showing the enzyme potencies that are present in our product in a 1 Teaspoon (2.8 Gram) dose as follows: 

 Specification (Pan-tenex® Label)Test Results
Amylase UnitsMinimum 460,000 USP units / 2.8g834,400 USP units / 2.8g
Protease UnitsMinimum 388,000 USP units / 2.8g706,061 USP units / 2.8g
Lipase UnitsMinimum 71,000 USP units / 2.8g142,840 USP units / 2.8g

These independent test results prove that Pan-tenex® both meets and exceeds the minimum enzyme levels required for 10x potency.

Contrary to what is sometimes posted on EPI dog forums, these test results further prove that Pan-tenex® is not only 10x in potency, but consistently has significantly higher enzyme levels than any Pancreatin 6x or 8x product on the market. Period.

In fact, with Lipase being the most important enzyme for EPI prone dogs in the digestion of fats, this testing illustrates that the Lipase levels in this batch of Pan-tenex® alone are up to 100% higher than Lipase levels found in some Pancreatin 6x products and up to 50% higher than Lipase levels found in some Pancreatin 8x products.

Further testing performed by the same laboratory actually proves that these percentages increase even further on average after testing multiple batches of Pan-tenex® and comparing the results against multiple batches of various 6x and 8x products which we will highlight in a future blog.

In short, 6x and 8x products simply cannot consistently match the enzyme levels that are present in Pan-tenex®. While such products may work for some EPI prone dogs, ideally one should use a product with the highest potency enzymes available. Using the highest potency better insures that the enzymes will survive their trip with food through the GI tract & stomach acids to complete their intended function. The more enzymes that survive this trip through the GI system, the more proper nutritional absorption will occur. This is one predominant reason why many EPI prone dogs tend to improve significantly when switched to the higher 10x potency found in Pan-tenex®.

Being a much stronger product, Pan-tenex® becomes the most cost-effective enzyme for dog owners when compared to other less potent pancreatic enzymes on the market.

Thank you for reading our latest blog post!

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